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Suzuki's Two Stroke outboards - delivering Power and performance you need when and where you want it

DT40WL2 (22"), DT30 (15"/20"), DT15 (15"/20")

Suzuki's Two Stroke Outboards (Manual operation only) offers easy operation and maintenance and performs reliably so you can get your work done.

P.E.I. (Pointless Electronic Ignition) Improves starting ease, increases combustion efficiency, helps provide strong, reliable performance, and prolongs spark plug life.

Special Keystone Rings - unique design rings results in greater power delivery to the crankshaft with less energy loss.

Loop Charge Intake System - Dome-shaped pistons and cylinder heads found on all Suzuki 2-strokes supply more fuel to the combustion chamber while expelling more burned gasses.  This delivers better fuel economy, more power per cubic centimeter and greater overall performance.

Dual Water Intakes  - dual water intakes ensures adequate cooling even if one water inlet clogs.

Water Cooling System - a displacement type rubber impeller pumps in sync with engine rpm's to provide optimum performance.

Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing - offering excellent durability and corrosion resistance

Anti Corrosion Finish - applied directly to the aluminum alloy, this specially formulated finish offers maximum bonding between the finish and aluminum alloy to provide an effective treatment against corrosion.

Corrosion Resistance - the use of multiple zinc anodes and dacromate coated bolts, nuts and washers offers long term protection against corrosion.

Over-Rev Limiter - the limiter helps protect your engine from harm due to over-revving (DT40WL2)

Easy Handling and operation - steering tension is adjustable and high-output coils offer battery charging.

Shallow Water Drive - adjustable shaft angle assists in shallow waters and rocks